Key Benefits of Procamp House Modules

House Modules

The Procamp concept has four pre-designed modules offering various building alternatives. The base-module (Procamp 15, 15 sqm) is easily merged in order to create various buildings for different purposes. The versatility of the design simplifies the planning and design of a living area. 


Procamp 15

Suitable for living or sanitary solutions. 


Procamp 30

Suitable for living and office solutions.

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Procamp 30T

Has an extra roof and terrace. Suitable for living and sanitary solutions when an extra space for protection against sun and rain are required outside the entrance. 


Procamp 60

Suitable for office, cooking and dining facilities. 


Standard options for the house modules:


  • Ventilated and fitted with lockable doors and windows that can be opened. 
  • Insulated with a minimum of 120 mm to minimize energy loss.  
  • Pre-designed walls and roof in corrugated steel sheet. Exterior walls are grey, the roof is black and the entire interior (walls and roof) is white. 



Other construction material and colours can be used according to the client's requirements. 


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